Interview: Allah (Playa)

Allah, as represented by a crude symbol.

q: So, Allah, I know you must be busy, thanks for agreeing to this..

Al: Yo....

q: So, what have you been up to recently, besides striking fear into the Muslim community?

Al: ..errm, well, not much dude, actually the whole 'fear' thang aint me, you know, peeps be confused n' shit..

q: ....I see, yes, quite..can I ask you, why have you taken the form of the actor/entertainer, 'Will Smith'.

Al: Why not negro, he cool..

q: ..Yes,, regarding the 'Muslim Fear Factor', let's be blunt, why are so many Muslims such insane fuckers?

Al: ...hhahhaha,..shiiiiit, beats me negro, them niggas needs to kick back with a blunt, gets themselves some pussy and just chill wid they brotha-man..

q: ..I you disapprove of fundamentalists who detonate themselves in your name?

Al: ..Hahah, shit yeah nigga,....check...why the fuck would I want ma sand-niggas dead g?

q: .....

Al: Check, look bra, we be born, while we be livin, let's just chill, gets some pussy, kick back and be cool maafaa...yeah?

q: ..errm,..makes sense i suppose...

Al: Fuckin' A g, niggas be messed up like mutha-fuckas, all I ever wanted was fo' niggas to be cool, to fuck and to chill, like ma nigga Jesus say, shiiiiit. Damn g, I wrote dat Koran shit when I was high as a maafaaa,..shiiit, ignore the crazy shit, just do da good shit...shiiiit...

q: I is Jesus by the way?

Al: Shiiiit, she be cool like a mutha-fucka, dat bitch can smoke a blunt like a pro, n she fuck like a Mexican pit bull,..arrrrrrr, yeaahhh,..shiiiit..

q: ....,....riiight...ermm..

Al: Shiiit,..damn, I be high like a mutha-fucka...want some beef-jerky? I can manifest what I want, it's cool..

q: I'm fine, thanks...

Al: (Chews) Cool, mind if I kick back, South Park's gonna start..shiiit..?

q: ahead.

Al: ...Yo, to Bel-Air! AAAAAAAAAAAAHahahahhah...

q: Allah, thank you.

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