Interview: The Creators Of

This interview took place in the penthouse suite of the Mirage casino in Las Vegas on 3rd November 2007. The following is a transcript of a recording agreed by both parties, once transcribed the recording was destroyed.

Sat in front of me are two men, both in the late thirties who wish to remain anonymous. One is quite short and wishes to be called 'Edgar' the other is tall, slim and very pale, he wishes to be called 'Alan'. They are brothers and hail from Wyoming.

Dek: So, firstly I suppose I should ask the obvious the footage real?

(Both Edgar and Alan nod in unison)

Dek: ..right, so, did you find these girls?

Edgar: Well ah..we ah....we placed an ad in the local paper, ya know, asking for two girls for an 'exotic video', cup provided, we were amazed by how many turned up...what was fifty..?

Alan: ...yeah..somethin' like that..

Dek: say 'exotic video', did the ad state what would actually be involved..?

(Both shake their heads in unison)

Edgar: What are you nuts? [laughs] hell no, they'd never print that pun intended [laughs, Alan joins in]

Dek: [gags]...Sooo, how exactly did it work?

Edgar: Well,..after we got the girls to make out for a few hours, we then lined them up and asked them if they'd ever eaten shit....................

Dek:....err...right...errm..and, had they?

Alan: Two had.

Edgar: Yeah [laughs] the rest got the fuck out of there...[laughs again, Alan joins in]

Alan: Yeah, remember that one chick that said she'd get the cops on us? [Laughs uproariously]

Edgar: Yeah, she aint calling nobody...[smiles], those are the two you used...

Edgar: Yeah.

Dek: And where are they now?

[Edgar and Alan look at one another]

Edgar:....on was it again?

Alan: Oh..I THINK it was Alaska? [Smiles]

Edgar: Oh, yeah, Alaska. [Coughs]

Dek: ..I see...ermm, apparently your site is getting over five million hits a week, that must be generating quite some revenue?

Edgar: Yeah, it's going well. Who'd have thought that some shit guzzling bitches would've been so popular, eh? Eh, eh? [Laughs, Alan smiles]

Dek: Yes, indeed,...well done. So, what's next?

Edgar: ..Oh well, we're working on some ideas...

Alan: Yeah.

Dek: Care to elaborate?

Edgar: Weeeeeell, not to give anything away, but it involves some crippled chicks and a horse...

Dek: And feces I suppose?

Edgar: Heh, it's our trademark. [Smiles]

Alan: Yeah. I think you've had your time buddy..

Dek: ...right..well..this has been, interesting. I'd like to say good luck with your future endeavors but you both sicken me to my stomach, and I hope you die of cock-cancer...

Edgar: Heh...woah..CANCER...nice angle kid! [Turns to Alan] Shit, ya know we should do that..get a cancer patient right, and he's getting fucked, then he's shittin' in this bitches mouth while another sucks him off...

Alan: Hey...yeeaaah...


Alan: You can fuck off now asshole. [Smiles]

- End tape has recently been registered by the brothers.

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