Kidzui a haven for pedophiles says Kimbo Slice.

Kimbo Slice pictured at a benefit for injured whales.

Mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter and recovering pedophile Kimbo Slice, has today criticized for attracting and encouraging online "baby-bangers". Kidzui proclaims itself as "The Internet for Kids", but Slice today stated that he himself had recently posed as a three old girl from Wyoming as part of a research project about Wyoming. Speaking from a balcony, Slice bellowed, "Look man, that site is nothing but bad news, ya hear me, YA HEAR ME! Those kids is gonna get FU*KED,..but not by me, I don't do that shit no mo' ALL." He went on to proclaim that the only way to keep children safe online was to have them sit with himself.

The CEO of, twelve year old Bruno Hagler countered with the following; "We will look out for three year olds from Wyoming and ban them immediately. Mr Slice's remarks are not only inaccurate but also loud. As far as we know, to date only eight members have been abused. But that was in their OWN house, by their OWN family. Nothing I can do about that, is there? I must go now, it's time for my juice".

Kimbo has decided to take his 'Anti-Zui' campaign nationwide by travelling across the United States in a camper van, screaming at any children he happens to see.

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